Coca Cola Distributor Agreement

Bottler will participate fully in the requirements and programs and will fully comply with them, set from time to time by the NPSG Board of Directors; However, provided Bottler is not required to engage in conduct that would lead to a violation of this agreement, bottler`s CBA or other agreements between the company and Bottler. “NPSG finished product delivery contract,” the form of the finished product supply contract attached to Schedule 2.8.1. Bottler must not describe the relationship of the business or bottle business with the company in any prospectus by providing materials or marketing materials used by Bottler or on behalf of Bottler in connection with the issuance, offer, sale, transfer or exchange of interests in bonds or bonds, bonds or other supporting parts of Bottler`s debt. except: , Bottler makes this description available to the company at least five (5) working days before filing or use. The company must comment within three (3) business days of receiving Bottler materials. Bottler is not required to disclose the identity of potential investors, bondholders or lenders or the terms, interest rates or terms of the underlying agreements with these individuals, unless otherwise provided in this agreement in connection with the change or sale of the business. Bottler is not required to provide the company with a description that has been previously verified by the company. When, on Or after July 29, 2016, the company or partner enters into a new authorization agreement for the production of all licensed secret beverages or, essentially, of all undercover beverages allowed in areas located in the United States of America, with another regional production bottler (with the exception of a company`s own distributor) that is more favourable to such a regional processor than the terms of this agreement with respect to Materials , or b) agrees to a change in the terms of a regional production agreement or similar agreement allowing the production of all covered beverages permitted in U.S. areas with another regional production bottler (with the exception of a clean distributor), which is more favourable to another regional distributor than the terms of this agreement with respect to essential conditions , the company will then propose another new agreement or amended agreement (a “new agreement”) as a whole.

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